Cooperation for our children

Does parents cooperation help children's prosperity? What can I do to help increase children's well-being in my local community?

The meeting is intended for parents and guardians in Árborg. The meeting will be translated into English.

Heimili og skóli – the national parents' association organises the meeting Cooperation for our children.

  • Primary schools: Barnaskólinn á Eyrarbakka og Stokkseyri, Stekkjaskóli, Sunnulækjarskóli and Vallaskóli.
  • Preschools: Álfheimar, Árbær, Goðheimar, Hulduheimar, Jötunheimar and Strandheimar/Brimver/Æskukot.
  • Secondary schools: Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurlands

Tuesday, April 25th 2023
Time: 20:00 – 21:15
Location: Vallaskóli, Selfossi

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The meeting will be available live through online streaming.
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