Various associations

There are a number of asocciations in Iceland that are involved in health issues in one way or another. Below are links to some of them:

AA samtökin

AA-samtökin (Alcoholics Anonymous), sometimes called simply AA, is an informal organization of about two million individuals around the world who are active or inactive alcoholics.

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ADHD samtökin

The aim of the ADHD samtökin (ADHD Association) is that children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related disorders meet understanding throughout society and receive services that contribute to their social inclusion, opportunities in education and work, and generally improved quality of life.

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The organization's activities include improving services for people with autism, safeguarding their statutory rights and promoting education on the autism spectrum issues.

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Geðhjálp is the association of 7000 members, users, family members, professionals and enthusiasts for improving the lives of people with mental disorders and mental disabilities in our society. The association works towards improving services, defending rights and preventing prejudice by advocacy, consultation and distribution of information and knowledge.

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Samtökin ’78

Samtökin ‘78 (the National Queer Association of Iceland) provides counselling for all queer persons, family members and professionals.

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Samtök áhugafólks um áfengis- og vímuefnavandann (SÁÁ, The Laymen's Society on Alcoholism) is an Icelandic association that was founded to combat alcohol- and drug problems in Iceland.

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