Icelandic Health Insurance

The role of Icelandic Health Insurance (Sjúkratryggingar Íslands) is to ensure rights of all individuals who are members of the Icelandic social insurance system and provide access to good and affordable health care.

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Réttindagátt Sjúkratrygginga Íslands 

The Benefits portal (Réttindagátt Sjúkratrygginga Íslands) contains information about all health insurance benefits in Iceland. Individuals can also use the portal to send all necessary documents to the Icelandic Health Insurance in a safely manner.

The information available on the Benefits portal includes: 

  • Medical care – Discount status 
  • Medicinal products purchases - step status 
  • Assistive technology and nutrition 
  • Application for the European Health Insurance Card - EHIC
  • Personal tax credit (possibility of electronic registration of tax deduction)
  • Overview of all medical expenses and payments from health insurance, accident insurance and patient insurance
  • Registration of a family dentist for children 

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