Persons with disabilities

Various institutions and associations address matters of persons with disabilities of all ages: 


VISS provides rehabilitation, vocational training and sheltered employment for persons with disabilities aged 18 and above, who aim at increasing their ability to work and participation in daily life or in the labour market.

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The objective of the National Association of Intellectual Disabilities (Landssamtökin Þroskahjálp) is to „fight for the rights and promote the interests of people with intellectual disabilities/challenges, as well as other children and adults with disabilities, and to ensure that their rights are fully comparable to those of other citizens“, as stated in the statutes of the organization.  

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The Association has published three videos in Icelandic, English, Polish, Spanish, and Arabic about the rights of children with disability with immigrant background:

Ráðgjafar- og greiningarstöð

The mission of the State Counselling and Diagnostic and Centre is to ensure that children and adolescents with developmental disorders, which later in life can lead to disabilities, receive diagnosis and counselling and have access to resources to improve quality of life.

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Videos in Icelandic, English and Polish on the diagnostic process when suspected disorders arise, early intervention and rights and remedies for children with disabilities in Iceland

1. What happens when suspicions of developmental disabilities awakens?

2. Early intervention and an insight into evidence-based methods recommended for children

3. Rights and resources for children with disabilities in Iceland 



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