Psychological services

Heilbrigðisstofnun Suðurlands (HSU)

Psychologists at the Health Care Institution of South Iceland (Heilbrigðisstofnun Suðurlands,HSU) provide treatment of children and young people up to the age of 18 and clients of the mental health team (geðheilsuteymi). They collaborate with infant and toddler health care as well as maternity care.  

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Health centres in the capital region (HH)

Psychologists in the Health centres in the capital region (Heilsugæsla höfuðborgsvæðisins, HH) provide treatment for children and young people and their families and adults aged 18 years and over. 

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Psychologists also work at HH’s offices which provide specialised services. The specialised offices include the Development and Behaviour Centre, the HH Mental Health Team East (austur)South (suður) and West (vestur)the HH Family Mental Health Team and the HH Prison Mental Health Team. 

Psychological services for children 

To receive a reimbursement of the costs, the interdisciplinary team at the health centre must issue a referral to a psychologist. The relevant psychologist must work in line with the contract between Icelandic Health Insurance and the Icelandic Psychological Association. 

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Psychologist database  

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