Speech therapy

Speech therapy (Talþjálfun) is paid by the Icelandic Health Insurance (Sjúkratryggingar Íslands) in cases where a client meets the required criteria.

Before therapy begins, a doctor's request for speech therapy must be made. This request shall be delivered to a speech therapist who is in charge of submitting the request to the Icelandic Health Insurance. If a request is approved, the person who is insured will receive 15 sessions of speech therapy in each 12-month period. 

Further information: https://www.sjukra.is/heilbrigdisthjonusta/thjalfun/talthjalfun/  

Information about practising speech therapists can be found on the The Icelandic Association for Speech and Language Therapists’ website: https://www.talmein.is/felagatal/  

South Iceland Speech Therapy (Talþjálfun Suðurlands) 

The South Iceland Speech Therapy (Talþjálfun Suðurlands) is located in Selfoss and employs speech therapists who offer therapy for various speech, language and voice disorders. 

Further information: https://www.talsud.is/ 


Trappa offers online speech therapy for children and adults. Trappa provides services to municipalities across the country. The speech therapy of children of preschool and compulsory school age takes place during school hours in the school/preschool or at the child's house. A child along with a supportive person or parent logs into the app to attend the meeting. 

Further information: https://trappa.is/