Gender-based violence (kynbundið ofbeldi) refers to violence that targets individuals or groups on the basis of their gender.

Domestic violence (heimilisofbeldi) is a type of violence perpetrated by an individual close, related or intimate to the survivor. The violence can be physical, psychological, sexual, financial and digital.

One can get help from:


Sigurhæðir are services in Selfoss for women aged 18 and over who are survivors of any form of gender-based violence. Sigurhæðir offer coordinated counselling, support and treatment tailored to individual needs. Individual and group therapy is available, as well as specialised trauma therapy. Sigurhæðir cooperate with police to provide advice and information. Legal advice is also available. Women living in South Iceland and their family members can visit, call and order interviews to receive support, advice and information.

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Stígamót is an education and counselling centre for survivors of sexual abuse and violence that serves both women and men that have suffered any kind of sexual abuse and violence.

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Kvennaathvarf (The Women's Shelter)  

Kvennaathvarf (The Women’s Shelter) is an emergency shelter/safe house for women who cannot live at home due to violence. Women can bring their children with them to stay with us. Violence can take many forms, and the perpetrator is usually a close relative, such as a spouse, parent, sibling, or a child. The Women’s Shelter is also a place where you can book an interview without coming to stay. You can call and get advice and support regarding violence at any time. 

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Samtök kvenna af erlendum uppruna á Íslandi (W.O.M.E.N. in Iceland) 

The goal of W.O.M.E.N. in Iceland (Samtök kvenna af erlendum uppruna á Íslandi) is to unite, to express and address the interests and issues of women of foreign origin living in Iceland in order to bring about equality for them as women and as foreigners in all areas of society.  

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