Department of Leisure and Culture

Department of Leisure and Culture is responsible for categories that pertain to sports, youth activities, leisure activities, preventive measures, employment services, museums and cultural activities.

Leisure activities (Frístundastarf) 

Diverse leisure activities for most age groups are offered by sport and leisure associations in the Árborg area.

The website on leisure activities in Árborg contains all the key information about local courses and activities in Árborg and its surroundings. The long-term aim is to publish information on leisure activities and opportunities for recreation in the municipality throughout the year and for all age groups.

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Leisure grant (Frístundastyrkur) 

Árborg Municipality offers a leisure grant to the parents/custodians of children of the ages of 5 - 17, that reside in Árborg, intended for participation in organized physical and leisure activities.

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Leisure drive (Frístundaakstur)

The leisure bus drives children between leisure activities within Árborg Municipality from 1:10 p.m. to 4:30 p.m, Monday to Friday. The service is free and the bus runs according to schedule.

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