New status assessment for students of foreign origin

Since the autumn of 2016, the municipalities of Árborg, Hafnarfjörður and Reykjanesbær have been in professional collaboration on the translation and localization of status assessment tools that are useful to schools to assess the learning skills, knowledge and experience of students of foreign origin in their language.

There has been a great need for a powerful position assessment tool for students of foreign origin in this country. The project aims to build on the strengths and enhance students' learning skills and to respond to each individual's learning needs as soon as possible through early assessment and purposeful intervention in the early stages of schooling in a new country.

The status assessment is accessible to everyone on the website of the Directorate of Education. There you will find all the data needed to submit it, e.g. teaching instructions, assignments, registration bases and summary documents. There are also introductory videos that review its prehistory, the presentation of each section, the results and the items.

For further information, go to the Árborg Municipality website: