The impact of tighter quarantine measures on the activities of Árborg municipality

Tighter national regulations due to Covid-19 came into force at midnight. The general limit on the size of gatherings is now 10 persons, and only children born in 2015 and later are excluded. Compulsory, secondary and music schools as well as universities will be closed until the Easter break takes over. A variety of activities that do not fit within 10-person limit rule will be stopped.

Impact on the services of the Municipality of Árborg:

Preschools: Unchanged school activities. Further information on arrangements will be provided by preschool principals.

Compulsory schools: All schools in the Municipality of Árborg are closed through March 31.

Music schools: Closed through March 31.

Leisure activities: After-school centres recreation centres, leisure clubs and youth centres are closed through March 31.

Swimming pools and sports facilities: Closed through April 15.

Service centres of the municipality: Closed to the public on March 25, but contact by phone, email and via online chat is possible. Further information will be released at a later date.

Libraries: Closed on March 25. Further information will be released at a later date.

Daycare centres Árblik and Vinaminni: Unchanged services.

VISS vocational and rehabilitation centre: The shop is closed, but other services are unchanged.

Further information on temporary changes to services in the municipality of Árborg will be published here as soon as it is available: