Vinnuskóli Árborgar 2021

The main role of Vinnuskóli is to provide students with constructive summer jobs as well as instruction in a safe work environment. All 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade students are invited to work on a variety of projects, most of which are gardening and maintenance in the municipality. Adolescents who are finishing 9th grade can also apply to take part in Grænjaxlin, where they work with a variety of creative projects, e.g. all kinds of multimedia work and media projects.

In Vinnuskóli, important aspects are discussed, such as orderliness, punctuality, a sense of responsibility and how to respect one's environment. At the end of the summer, students are given the opportunity to receive an opinion on their work prepared by leaders of each group of Vinnuskóli and by the Vinnuskóli director.

Here is further information about Vinnuskóli including working hours, wages and rules: Nánari upplýsingar um Vinnuskóla Árborgar 2021

You can apply through the registration system Vala: Skrá í Vinnuskóla Árborgar

Instructions for registration in Vinnuskóli Árborgar: